Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program

The Happy Nails Store welcomes you to the customer loyalty program through the privilege cards.

Happy Nails’s loyalty program is a reward program thanking your for choosing our services by collecting and redeeming points.

The card is activated with your first service or product purchase at Happy Nails (19 Pyrrou & Damareos Str.).


Use of the Privilege Card

With the services you complete or the purchases you make on products, you collect points that you can redeem on future services or product purchases by receiving the corresponding discount. For each euro of the services you complete or the products you purchase from Happy Nails, you receive one (1) point in the return system through the privilege card. The redemption of points cannot be made during the holiday periods as defined by the published festive program of the respective period. The festive program is advertised on the website of Happy Nails ( One (1) month before, in The Press Releasessection.

Terms & Conditions of use of the card

Each card is personal, untransferable and on top of every card their is unique code that corresponds to each individual customer. The card is the property of Happy Nails, which reserves the right to withdraw or cancel or replace it with another card. It is not a credit/debit card and cannot be used as an identity document. The membership card is free for customers who have completed at least 3 appointments at Happy Nails. The card is strictly personal and is not allowed to be transfered to another person. ATTENTION : The right to redeem points from The Card does not apply during the holiday periods as defined by the published program of the festive season. The festive program is shared on the Happy Nails ( website one (1) month before, in The Press Releases section.

How to obtain the privilege card

The person concerned may acquire the privilege card, either by completing the relevant request for acquisition by clicking on the APPLICATION button at the end of this page or by requesting it from the store’s reception. In the first case, after submitting the application and within a reasonable period of time, an employee of the store will inform you about how and when you can receive your privilege card. In the second case, you receive the relevant information immediately regarding its acquisition. WARNING: We do not accept telephone requests for the privilege card.

Validity & ways of receiving the gifts

The gift vouchers of €10 & €15 are received from the store’s reception, at the time the reward Points are redeemed and have a validity of 30 days (1 month) from the day of issuance. Products such as body cream are received from the store and can NOT be shipped. Otherwise, the gifts can be sent by mail or courier company with charge of the shipping costs to the recipient after consultation. Happy Nails reserves the right to dispose the products within 30 days.

Storing & Card loss

The card stating with the unique barcode corresponding to its owner is property of Happy Nails, which grants the holder the right to use the card under the terms hereof. In case of loss or theft, the holder must notify the store as soon as possible in order to be given new card.

Modification of contract

Happy Nails can modify at any time without prior notice the conditions for acquiring each card, as well as the privileges enjoyed by each member from its use.

Reward Gifts

€10 Gift Voucher200
€15 Gift Voucher350
Gift voucher of €10 & a handmade body cream of Bereri’s company 500

Additional Benefits

On the waiting list the days with completeness in our schedule.Without Points Redemption
On the waiting list during the holiday season.Without Points Redemption

Reward Methods

From your actions

For each €1 transaction you gain 1 loyalty point.

For every positive review you make for us on Google for the service you have completed or the product you purchased, you earn 3 loyalty points.

From your friends actions

For every €10 transaction of your friends with us, after you inform us, you earn 2 loyalty points.

For every action of your friends, after you tell us about it (such as to share on Facebook) you earn 1 loyalty point.

For every positive review made by your friends on Google, after informing us, you earn 1 reward point.

Other Actions
Appointment I did not show up-10
Cancel my appointment 48 hours before-1
Cancel my appointment 24 hours before-2
Cancel my appointment 12 hours to half on hour before-7
Use of an offer (student, unemployed & air Community)-50%

WARNING: If your appointment is canceled within the last half hour before your appointment, we assume that you did not show up and automatically fall over to the first case: “I did not show up”.


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