Happy Nails Team

The Idea & Implementation

Katerina - Happy Nails

Katerina -This woman is constantly on the run. Mother of two children you see (those who have children know). Since she was 18 she in the field of business because of her father. It is the most suitable to run a business, but also to expand it (coming soon with a second store). She was one of the first nail artists in Greece (if not the first) and she knows how to use the old but also the new techniques on your nails. Always with the smile on the mouth and the kindness in her character (aristocratic from birth) will amaze you from the first contact with her. ?

The Support

Spiros - Happy Nails

Spiros – Whatever we say about this kid is not enough. Since he was a kid he liked to deal with computers and everything electronic. He is the general manager of Happy Nails and has mainly undertaken the electronic presence of the store, such as the website of the company ant the application for mobile phones and tablets. Everything that it’s hard to use or it’s not working the blame him 😉 He is always polite and very helpful, but also busy so you can find him more easily in his email that whice is spiros@happynails.gr than his mobile or the store phone. ?

The Coordination & Organisation

Nikos - Happy Nails

Nicholas, aka The Bookworm, is the company’s genius. Since childhood he has been a man of class, organization and study, and for this reason he has taken in charge of organizing & coordination of Happy Nails. It is the polite and very helpful child that you now hear on the other end of your phone when you call us for some information or to make an appointment and we are sure that are happy and only that you hear him talking to you… We’re certainly glad to have him organize us. ?

The Art

Athina - Happy Nails

Athina -This girl we raised on our knees. From the first day that we hired her to our store until now that we write this article she is always with the head bowed, not because she has cervical and it relaxes this posture, but because it is the most detailed person on her job that we have ever met. He won’t let you leave the store if your fingernails aren’t flawless. That’s why we set her up in charge of the Pagrati store. ?

Xristianna - Happy Nails


Xristianna – is the new member of our team, a very promising person. We could characterize her as Belle (from Disney), not only for her outward beauty but also for her inner. Always smiling and only with a good reason in her mouth will make you forget all your meanings when you trim if you choose her. As a restless and artistic spirit can paint on your fingernails whole fairytales.

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